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Unique Fathers Day Gift - Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp With Strap

Brief Product Description

The Streamlight 61052 Septor LED Headlamp has 7 extremely bright white LEDs and 3 different light settings. It is designed in a way that will allow you to be able to meet your different needs.

On top of that, this headlamp also comes with adjustable straps so you can secure it to fit your head comfortably.

  • 29 Jun 2017

Cave Hiking Basics: What You Should Know About Safe Hiking

Cave hiking is considered to be an extreme sport in some circles. However, extreme sport tends to mean that the people who participate have little regard for safety and that is not true with cave hiking. Cave hiking is a recreational sport that is quite challenging and requires skills of varying levels depending on the type of cave you're exploring.

  • 10 Jul 2017

Discount Hiking Boots Don't Necessarily Have To Be Poor Quality

Hiking boots need to be good. We are walking great distances often over treacherous terrain in all types of weather. They need to provide support for the feet, be comfortable and most of all they have to be strong.

But this does create a problem because good quality hiking boots are not cheap. Far from cheap.

  • 24 Jul 2017
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11 Jul 2017
Posted By Sherri L.

The Lawson Camping Hammock

There are a couple of reputable and well known camping hammocks on the market today, but one of the better known one's is the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson. Lawson Hammock Company has been around since 1997, and their Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is based upon years of research to develop a camping hammock that was lightweight, weatherproof, low impact on the environment, very tough, and adaptable to a wide variety of terrains.
16 Jul 2017
Posted By Ronda B.

Hiking in Developing Nations

Backpacking is probably the best way to really experience a place of interest. You interact directly with the local people, take part in a cultural celebration, visit interesting religious sites and become a part of the community. The experience will be very much different from domestic hiking trips. Guided Hiking Tour A guided hiking tour can range from a simple trip to a huge expedition. Some will provide porters that show the way and carry your camping gear.
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18 Jul 2017
Posted By Van H.

My Weekend Camping Trip And My Birkenstock Sandals

We just came back from a weekend camping trip and after a long day hiking on the first day I was anxious to finally get in and get the tent setup. I hadn't even started the cooking fire, and I could smell the food already from the hunger I had worked up. Your stomach and your head will team up and play tricks like this on you after a full day in the woods.
21 Jun 2017

One Man Tent Review - Yellowstone Matterhorn | TA Outdoors

Mike Pullen gives a review on the Yellowstone Matterhorn One man tent. Ideal for backpacking, hiking, camping and general outdoor use. Easy to pitch, compact ...

3 Jul 2017

Coffee On The Ridge | A Day Hike in the Mountains

Krik & stony head into the mountains for a relaxing winter hike. Despite the temperatures being unseasonably warm, they still whipped up a kuksa of coffee over ...

13 Jul 2017

Hiking Glacier National Park

Join me as we hike/camp in Glacier National Park. If you want to support & help me make my videos click here! There are some very cool benefits!

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